Artist / Designer / Researcher

Animating lines of flight

Post-human world making across a space of shared relation

We’re all made of lines

Deleuze & Guattari, 2004

I am interested in the creative articulation of a landscape always in the making, experienced through the embodied act of walking and how encounters with the non-human can animate time, space and place. I examine how the interplay between human and animal when both are in motion can contribute to a deeper level of ecological attunement, with my artistic practice becoming a conduit for such ‘intra-action’ (Barad, 2007).

the simultaneous convergence of the sixth mass species extinction and the fourth industrial revolution

Braidotti, 2019

My process involves an interplay between physical and digital processes, with a focus on the deterioration of digital images generated through algorithms. Such intermedia pieces reflect ‘the assemblage’, Deleuze and Guattari’s concept emphasising “fluidity, exchangeability, multifunctionality and connectivity” (Feireiss, 2019). They also act as “mediators between art and everyday experience” (Westgeest, 2020).